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Dec 30

a new hope


Opera is my culture Achilles heel - I want to get into Opera, I really do, even if it is only in defiance of the stupid unnecessary elitism associated with it.  Thing is, shamefully, although I pride myself on being pretty culturally sophisticated I have never seen or heard a whole opera.  

However I can’t think of a better way to remedy this sad state of affairs than a trip to the Bussey Building to see ‘Dido And Aeneas’ a Purcell composition by Opera In Space. Its an immersive site specific production which aims to make Opera accessible.  Since I love the Bussey  building with a passion am very much looking forward to it.

It looks like there will be another Opera in Feb in the form of Otello by Verdi so I will be able to get my Opera on, without leaving my postcode.